It’s game #1 of our WAY-FM Summer SHOWdown where the Wally Show is taking on CJ & Joy and Kelly! In this first game, things got VERY competitive and a little bit messy.

If you want to play at home with your family, here’s what you’ll need!

  1. Colored Powder (the kind you’d typically use for a gender reveal)
  2. Shoe Store Footies
  3. Rope or something else to define your boundaries
  4. White shirts so you can tell when you’ve been hit (optional)

And here’s how to play:

  1. Prepare the “color bombs” by filling the footies with the powder and then tying them off.
  2. Divide a specific area in half, just like you would for dodgeball. Then, place the color bombs in the center.
  3. Have your 2 teams start on opposite sides. On “Go!” both teams will run to the middle, grab their color bombs, and then run back to their starting line before they can start throwing.
  4. Try to get your opponents out by hitting them with the color bombs! 3 hits, and they’re out. Catching does not eliminate your opponent.
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