If you’ve watched the news for more than 30 seconds lately, you know that it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless.

But even in the middle of all of the bad, amazing things are still being done at CURE International hospitals as children get life-changing surgeries. Just look at these sweet smiles!

And CURE International is providing more than just surgeries. Because they believe that every child is a divine gift from God, they feel that it’s their job to share the gospel with these kids so that if they never come back to a CURE hospital again, at least the gospel goes home with them and will impact everyone who hears each child’s story.

Patience is one of those amazing CUREkids we met last year in Kenya. To look at her infectious smile, you would think she doesn’t have a problem in the world. But we met her after she had her third surgery on her club feet. Even though she has been through so much at such a young age, her mom said she is a blessing to everyone she meets. I can tell you for a fact, that statement is true.

Even before Patience was born, the odds were against her. Her mom was told to abort her because there was a curse on her family. Then when she was born with a deformity, her dad left, and her mom was forced to raise Patience by herself. Maybe that’s why she is named Patience, because that is what it took to raise her alone. Patience’s mom is strong, but even she says she is humbled by the incredible strength of her daughter.

If you’re feeling helpless today, you can do something amazing for a child like Patience who is waiting for a life-changing surgery in a CURE hospital! By becoming a Hero, you’re helping to heal a different child with a correctible disability every single month: 

Become a Hero!


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