Recently, someone took all of Taylor Swift’s lyrics, fed them to a machine, and then had artificial intelligence write its very own Taylor Swift song. We took those results and decided to put them to music.

Here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along:

Now that all of the magic’s forgotten

You’re still happy

But Wednesday’s a wound around the corner

And we’re in dust


She’s there always. Just like Jesus

Has things to talk about

While I’m breathless in the storm



Everything falls, but it’s worth it now

That we’re in flames

She’s the holder of you

But we need this now that we’re all gone like kids

In the age


Let’s all applause. Sure, it feels right

We’re starry-eyed hipsters and wanna-be players

It’s time because you wanna be far from town

Let’s roll this night

Before the sabotage hits

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