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I spent today just outside the city of Jacmel in Haiti, checking out the work that World Concern is doing with their 44 cent cure.

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It is pretty amazing. Kids in third world countries like Haiti, are prone to getting parasites. These parasites make the kids very sick, and if untreated can even be deadly.  We asked one child what it felt like to have these parasites inside him and he said, “it was like a fire in my belly.” Sad right? It would be, if there was no cure.

It seems almost like a crime that the only thing standing between these kids and a healthy childhood is the spare change we have sitting on our dresser, or that has fallen in between the seats in our cars.

Today, I found out first hand that World Concern has a mantra that is appropriate and a little painful. Today, there was some pain, but a lot of gain as children and their parents got the de-worming medicine they needed and all for just 44 cents each!

We ended our visit with World Concern at the clinic and since we were there, I wanted to find out just how good the nurse was at her job.

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