Blood Water Mission Uganda: Finally Here

3 days of travel, 4 plane flights, and 6 hours by car and we are finally on site with Blood Water Mission in Uganda.  Zach and I are rooming together on this trip so I was glad to see our room had privacy mosquito nets.  New rule: No cameras in the room.

As we travel for what feels like a million miles from home through the densely packed, impoverished towns of Lira it is easy to see the incredible need that exists everywhere you turn.

I can’t help but wonder one thing.  How did a girl named Jena who wanted to help people when she graduated from college and a band named Jars of Clay find these people?  These are people, most of who, do not have electricity, inside plumbing, or access to clean water, and live on what feels like the edge of the earth so how does that happen? You should never undertake your own installation of your boiler, hire a professional to take care of any dangerous plumbing work.

It happens when people are more important that problems and you boldly follow God into the unknown.

The result is people people getting the love of God poured out over them just like the clean water Blood Water Mission provides for them.  This is a hard place ot live but the people are truly amazing.

Cuture Shock:  One weird side note today was being asked to remove my earings and Jewelry.  Tomorrow we are traveling to an ultra conservative part of Uganda that has been know for hate crimes against gays.  As it turns out, in Uganda men who wear earings are considered gay, unlike the US where we are considered cool.  The sad truth is there is such a stigma here against HIV/AIDS and gays that many men have been beaten and killed.

I am starting to wonder if the Blood Water people were serious about that or if it was just a veiled intervention for a 43 year old man who still wears hoop earings.  In any event, I decided I am not going to take any chances.  So, the earings are gone and it would probably also be smart to go the whole day without menitoning Project Runway.  It will be tough, but I will “Make It Work.” Oh nuts, this is going to be harder than I thought.

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