Blood Water Mission Uganda: Living Proof

We got to check out a very special place in Kitgum that is bringing help and hope to hundreds of suffering people.

The average cost of caring for a person dealing with AIDS is about $300 dollars per month.  This clinic is currently helping 227 people, but there are as many as 17,000 people still suffering outside the walls of this clinic.

I love is how all the organizations that work with Blood Water Mission are committed to not only taking care of people’s physical needs, but their spiritual needs as well.  We started everyday off with at least a half hour of devotions. 

Their Bibles are well worn as faith here is not casual because it is vital for survival in such a harsh place.

The medical center exists here because of the generosity of those who have donated to Blood Water Mission, and it is truly changing lives.

If you have supported Blood Water Mission, this is the fruit of your generosity.  These are all women and girls who were abducted by the LRA rebels and were raped.  As a result these women became pregnant and had children.  This place is a great example of beauty coming from pain as it gives these women back their dignity and gives them a chance at a better life.

Many of these women were also given HIV and because of poor detection have passed it onto their beautiful children.  These women are getting the medicine, mental and spiritual help they need to deal with the atrocities they have suffered.  This program helps them on every level.  Many of these girls were girls themselves when they had their child and as such need to be taught to be mothers.  They are also taught a skill because in this society they must learn to fend for themselves.  When the Child Mothers graduate from the program they go out into the community and help other women who are dealing with the long lasting effects of their abduction and torture.



This is a support group of people living with Aids in Kitgum.

It might be hard to believe but their spokesperson, Francis, weighed less than 100 pounds only 2 months ago, but thanks to the Blood Water Mission Clinic Francis is alive and well. 

I really loved the point Francis wanted to make sure that we understood.  He wanted to thank everyone in the US for their support and to make sure that we knew that their donations not only reached them, but have helped to save their lives.

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