Blood Water Mission Uganda: Water is Life

As we traveled in to the African wilderness the saying “Water is Life,” seemed to become the motto for the day. We heard it numerous times as we met many people in need of clean water. Our first stop was a school that serves over 500 children and their families. They are the lucky ones. They have a well provided for them by the generosity of people who support Blood Water Mission.


Every dollar has a purpose and a name as these are real people who now have access to one of the most basic needs…again, water is life.

If you ever want to know what Justin Bieber feels, like visit a school in Africa…It is a rock star moment.


From there we visited a rural village that was given a well because people in America cared enough to help.  This was not always the case for these people as they use to get their drinking water from a contaminated source.

It is funny how as parents in America we would never let our kids play in that water let alone drink it.


The Blood Water Mission well changed the lives of these people. They now have access to clean water. People still have to walk great distances and carry 40 pound jugs of water back to their houses to drink, cook and clean with.  

The amazing thing is these people do not complain about the distance they have to travel for water.

This is because they know at least they are getting clean water that will not make their children sick.


Beside the faces of these people, there was something from the day I will always remember. We were talking to a man and he was sharing with us his heartfelt gratitude for everyone who had made the well possible. His words were passionate and powerful as he also talked about the “plight” of his people. As we said our goodbyes he had one simple request as I headed back home. His words were simple and few and I will never forget the look in his eyes as he quietly said, “Please don’t forget us".

You can help make sure these people are not forgotten.


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