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Our Shipshape Shakespeare finalists have been chosen, and Chris August came by and turned the poems into musical magic. Check out the songs below and then vote for your favorite. You may vote once per day per valid email address, so help your favorite get to the top and win a cabin on the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise.


The FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Cruise sets sail February 10th from Miami, FL. It's the only kid-free full ship chartered Christian marriage cruise in the world! Enjoy fabulous music (Building 429, Chris August, Laura Story, Peter Furler, Nicole C. Mullen), ballroom dancing under the stars, marriage enrichment, and culminate the week by renewing your vows!


Nothing is mandatory and if you need to just get away and enjoy some time together for the week, you can do that too. Take a dip in the pool, relax with a couples massage in the spa, hit the gym, plus enjoy great teaching on marriage with Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Dr. Gary Chapman, and others.


The cruise is already over 70% full, so join Producer Zach and book your cabin now here or call (800) 889-5265. Payments are as low as $99 per month, or $3.50 per day.



This is it, dear
Our very last chance.
If love is to survive
Try the ship of romance.

Two years apart
It doesn't look good.
But God can do anything
He promised He would.

This is it, dear
Our very last chance.
If love is to survive
Try the ship of romance.



I met this woman who is so good lookin’
Her beauty trumped only by her good cookin’
She knows what she wants and always gets her way
Because I lost my man card on our wedding day
She tells me what to do and when it needs to be done
She lets me know when I’m sad and when I’m having fun

I love her so much and she works very hard
So this Valentine’s Day she deserves more than a card
She should be on a boat sailing the sea
And enjoying the best thing in her life…me!!



If I was a baker, I would make you a pie.
If I was a pilot, I would teach you to fly.
If I was poet, I would write you a sonnet.
If I knew how to sew, I would knit you a bonnet.
If I were a pirate, I would steal you some gold.
If I was a blanket, you would never be cold.

But I am just a simple man,
with a simple life and a simple plan,
to give all of my love to a girl who is so smart and pretty.
And that girl is you! My Boo Boo Kitty.



We met in the spring, not a hair on my head
"I'm finishing chemo", not a problem you said

We laughed and we danced and had quite a ride
A year passed quickly, you asked me to be your bride

I quickly said yes, happy and feeling blessed from above
Married in the woods by a cabin and surrounded by love

A year full of bliss, our fairy tale chapter
Til the phone call changed our happily ever after

Now we fight this battle again
You turn to me, eyes full of love and say you know we will win




Voting ends August 18, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST. The Grand Prize Winner will be contacting and announced by August 20th.. Check out all the official rules.

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