This is probably the hardest Father’s Day card I’ve ever had to write, as the realization hit me that this might be the last one because my Dad is sick:

Happy Father’s Day, Dad,

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover what I owe you.

As a kid, you were always there for me, encouraging me, and guiding me.  As an adult, you shared your wisdom and advice with me. I think all of that made me into the man I am today, and I seriously hope that I have made you proud.

You taught me through words and actions how to love my wife and raise my daughter. You have always been a quiet example of what a father should be. I know my life and my family are better off today because of the man you chose to be.

I am sorry if I have been remiss in sharing this with you in the past, but please know that I am eternally grateful to have you as a dad.

I love you.

Wally read his card on-air (and may have made all of us cry a little.) We also heard from others on what they need to write in their Father’s Day cards. 

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