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I know this isn’t going to put me in the best light, but before you judge me hear me out on this.

Some of you know my brother is in jail. He called me the other day. I see it come up on my phone and I feel so bad because I almost screened him. I just wasn’t emotionally in a place to have a conversation.

I didn’t though and I’m thankful I didn’t. I took the call and we talked and we had a great conversation.

I realized the reason I wanted to screen him was because it was uncomfortable for me. I feel bad telling him about my life and my family and that things are going well.

Somewhere in the middle of the conversation it dawned on me that talking to him isn’t about me, and my comfort in the situation is not important.

What is important is that I can listen to him and hear him and talk with him about God on a level that we never did as kids or adults. It’s not about me being the center of the universe or things not being awkward for me. It’s about him, and it has to be about him for a while to get him through this.

We all want things to be comfortable for us, but God doesn’t always call us to comfort. He calls us to care. And sometimes in doing that, it means laying down our stuff and helping somebody else, even when it doesn’t feel good for us.

If you’re in some type of awkward situation like that, it might be not be about you, so don’t avoid that because you might be able to be a blessing to somebody when they need you most.


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