Benham BrothersRecently I got a new perspective on wanting to be relevant when it came to my faith from the Benham Brothers.

The Benham Brothers, David and Jason, are identical twins brothers who played Major League Baseball and they were the hosts of Flip it Forward with HGTV. They lost their TV show because of how they were painted in the media by liberal activists groups who did not like their conservative stance for God and biblical values.

I have sought to make my faith appear relevant to people when what I should be doing is being reverent to God. Focussing on our reverence to God will make you relevant in ways that you may not have even considered.

I love the biblical example the Benham brothers gave for this concept.

The Bible talks about how Noah built an ark in reverence to God. He started this seemingly crazy venture when he was already over 500 years old and did not finish until after his 600th birthday.

People laughed at his faithfulness and probably questioned not only his sanity, but his relevance. However, when that first drop of water hit the ground and the waters began to rise, who was the most relevant man on the planet…Noah. Why did he become relevant? Because he was first reverent.

I think there is a danger in trying so hard to be relevant if the truth gets watered down in the process. No one wants to be seen as ignorant or intolerant, but truth and grace need to go hand and hand.

So this was a charge to me, if I truly want to be relevant, the best way to do that is by being reverent to God first.

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