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The big question about climbing Mount Everest that every person who has ever reached the summit is asked is, “Why? Why did you do it?” And the famous response is: “Because it is there.”

It is the same thing with poverty. Poverty is this ominous behemoth that casts its shadow over much of the world.

Compassion kid in Ghana

It stands there defiantly taunting us making us think that it is insurmountable. But like Everest, poverty can be conquered, and it is conquered one child at a time.

Kids smiling in Ghana

I will admit, after seeing extreme poverty on unimaginable scales in countries all over the world, it would be easy to retreat from the challenge and ask the Everest question: “Why should I care?” This is where the Everest answer is so simple and poignant. “Because it is there.”

Because it is there and because these are people who need our help and because, thank the Lord, we can!

Feeding kids in Ghana

No one climbs Everest by themselves. It takes a team of people all doing their parts. Ending poverty is no different. You can’t solve it for everyone, but you can solve it for someone.

Compassion kid in Ghana

The cool thing is, if enough of us play our part we can create a legacy that will change generations. Hope Happens when we choose to make a difference. So when we are faced with that question of “Why should I care about poverty?”, my hope is that together we will say, “Because it is there and because we care.”


Mt. Everest Photo by Laszlo Bolgar

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