Since we see ourselves as amateur psychologists, we’re always looking for ways to better understand each other! A recent survey found that your choice of car color actually leads people to make assumptions about your personality:

    • Black: The good news is that people are more likely to see you as intelligent and charming. The bad news is you may also be seen as selfish.
    • White/Silver: If you drive a white or silver car, you’re seen as more trustworthy! Although, this may be an error, since Wally drives a silver car.
    • Red: People assume that those who drive red cars are happy and adventurous…but also angry.
    • Blue: Blue car drivers seem more loyal, kind, and considerate.
    • Tan/Brown: If you drive a tan or brown car, bad news: most assume that these drivers are grumpy, mean, and boring.
    • Gold: Driving a gold car makes you seem greedy and wealthy.

What color is your car? Was the description accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

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