As I travel around Zambia with Blood Water meeting these amazing families, I am struck by how much better my prayer life is. I find myself almost in a constant state of prayer. I pray about big things, little things, and things I would not think to pray about back in the U.S. So, I wondered why this is? Why do I pray more and why do I pray differently in Zambia. Then it hit me. It is because of the MC Hammer Prayer Principle.

prayer in car

Allow me to explain. I was praying as we were driving in a small car with 3 more people than the car was legally allowed to hold. We were crammed into it like a clown car, (more on that in a minute), and I was not feeling great.

I remembered back to how sick I got last year when I was here and was praying that this would not be a repeat of that. I then began praying for the health of the team. Both of these things I do not find myself praying for at home. Then it hit me. It was the MC Hammer Prayer Principle! The immortal words of that baggy-panted pop star exploded in my head: “We’ve got to pray, just to make it today, that’s why we pray.”

The difference in my prayers here was based on the difference in my circumstances. Here, there are a multitude of things completely outside my control. This is not unlike the people in Zambia or any other third world country.

prayer family

Their faith is so strong because they do not rely on themselves. They rely on God because many times that is all they have, their faith and hope in Jesus. The crazy thing is even with all their troubles they still have joy!

I find myself living on a different level. At home, I don’t pray for safe travel to and from work everyday. Why? Because I think I am in control. Here, I pray for safe travel on every plane, boat and of course car, because I do not want to become another Zambian clown car accident statistic.

Wally on plane to Africa

I pray that none of the hundred mosquitos that just bit me have malaria because I lost my malaria medicine somewhere around seat 44G on the plane. I pray that my wife won’t kill me for posting this picture of her asleep on that plane.

I pray that I will actually be reunited with my laptop I left in my luggage on one of my flights. I pray that I won’t get dehydrated or hurt. I pray that I will love people and be a blessing to them. I pray that I will have enough to eat. I pray that I will get a warm shower. I also pray the water in my shower will not somehow get into my mouth and make me sick. I pray for my wife, and for Zach and Bekah.

I pray for people I see on the side of the road that I will never meet.

side of road garbage 2

The MC Hammer Prayer Principle is really about coming to the realization that we are not in control. At home I think I have it ALL under control, but here I give it ALL to God because of my inability to control much of what is happening around me. At home I pray for things and most of it not too important. However, in Zambia I am praying for big things that matter as well as daily needs.

So, MC Hammer and Zambia have changed my perspective on prayer. I will follow the example of the people I have met, because here, they know all too well they “got to pray, just to make it today.”

prayer diptic

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