Blog Report: June 13, 2012

Blog Report: June 13, 2012


Boy hyperventilates meeting Jamie Grace

Alex is a huge fan of Jamie Grace and had the opportunity to meet her. He almost missed the chance as he could barely breathe from his excitement.

Watching the video reminds me of the first time Wally met tobyMac.



Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North affects the outcome of the NBA Finals.

Mike Donehey attended last night’s opening game in the Heat vs. Thunder NBA Finals. He recounted a moment on Twitter:

So…OKC is down the whole game. During a free throw I yell to Westbrook, "Russell you're the man!" He looks at me, head nods and winks…Next time down the court, he takes it to the rim, gets a 3 pt play & their first lead of the night! Greatest sports moment of my life!!!!

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