Blog Report: June 6, 2012

Blog Report: June 6, 2012


Skillet loses their claim of Most Impressive Use of Fire By a Band to Sanctus Real.

Sanctus Real took the title, unintentionally, when their bus lit up in flames. The band was traveling home to Ohio on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when the bus driver noticed flames in the side view mirror.

Everyone evacuated quickly and safely, but watched while their bus, suitcases, laptops, phones and wallets burned to the ground.

Two things I love: 1.) They were flooded with requests from fans asking how they could help support them. And 2.) The band had the humility to accept help but also the integrity to let their fans know that they were covered by insurance.


Group 1 Crew’s Manwell is walking a mile in Wally’s shoes.

He found himself in the hospital with kidney stones. He says it was the worst night of his life but that he also got some perspective seeing so many other people in the hospital suffering. Not sure if his stone matched the size of Wally’s most recently passed boulder, but he cried less so probably not.

Third Day’s Mac Powell is going country.

He’s been a lifelong fan of country music and wanted to use songs he’s written in the past that didn’t fit lyrically or musically with Third Day. Third Day has almost finished a new album and he promises the band is not breaking up.

When Third Day first came out, people compared them with Hootie and the Blowfish. The move to country worked out great for Darius Rucker. Not so great for the Blowfish.

Check out his first song, “June Bug”.

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