Not Just Another Snow Cone

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Dallas/Fort Worth.

Shark Attack, Rootbeer, HULK, Pickle, and Jalapeno Stinger are just a few fun flavors Blake’s Snow Shack has to offer, and I had the pleasure of trying their Blue Coconut as recommended by Blake himself! While I was chillin out with my snow cone, I was also able to sit  with Blake Pyron and father, Billy Pyron, for an interview.
What makes this snow shack so special is that it is run by the youngest owner in Sanger, and quite possibly the 1st business owner in Texas with Down Syndrome. “So how did this business start,” you ask? After finding out Blake’s former restaurant job came to a close, Blake’s eagerness to work was still open for business. The funny thing is if anyone knows about how God operates, it’s always in perfect timing, and that’s exactly what happened here. When Blake and his mom, Mary Ann, went to a local event, they happened to bump into Tim Harris, Associate Pastor of Praise at First Baptist Church High Springs. “[Tim] had already been thinking about some type of business,” explained Billy, “and after [Blake and Mary Ann] met with Tim and his manager, they just got more enthused and we went and bought a trailer.” Billy continues to say they didn’t have a place to put the snow cone trailer, but did everything in faith and watched how it all just came together. He ends the topic with, “So we set it up, gave Blake a job, and it’s turned into so much more.” linebss

I intended to visit Blake’s Snow Shack to sing the praises of its success, yet wasn’t expecting to be ministered to through the stories of faith and not accepting limitations on your life. Blake refused to let Down Syndrome affect his work ethic and his family decided to give these concerns to God through faith and prayer. Imagine all we can accomplish ourselves when we quiet that annoying negative talker in our head and replace it with prayer and act on confidence while surrounding ourselves with good company who would help us in our quest to fulfill all the blessings God has waiting for us just as Billy and Mary Ann did for Blake. If there is one thing I learned from Blake’s story, it’s if God is in it, there is no limit.

Be sure to listen to the full interview!

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