Welcome to the Year 5776…wait whaaa?

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We have an incredible New Year to look forward to. Another chance to start fresh and leave both the good and bad of last year in the past. We find insight on what to expect in 2016 from a source you may not expect:
The Hebraic calendar.

According to the Hebraic calendar, we’re not actually in the year 2016…we’re in the year 5776. And 5776 is a year that promises to be filled with incredible opportunities to see God’s hand in our lives through divine connections. Let’s break it down a bit…

  • The Hebrew calendar
    The last number in 5776 and even 2016 is the number Vav in Hebrew. What’s interesting about Hebrew is their numbers are also words/phrases, so when you translate the 6 (or Vav) it means “Divine Connections.” The 4 (or Dalet) in the year 5774 which was two years ago (or 2014), translates to the phrase:
    “To See the Door”:
    IMG_4163 (1)
    The 5 from 5775 (2015) translates– “God-Breathed Entrances”:
    And now the 6, or Vav, in 5776 (2016) – the Year of Divine Connections.
  • Vav
    Vav is the name of the symbol for the number 6 in 5776. The word Vav is also defined as “a hook, a pin, a tent peg.”  A vav is a connector. Exodus 26: 1-6 relates God’s instructions on building the desert tabernacle.  In those verses the word “coupled” is the word vav. Vav, therefore, is a coupler that clasps together different things to complete the whole structure. The smallest things either bring detail to our lives, or unravel our lives.In 2016 we will have access to different things that we can then bring together into a completed whole! This is the year that those longtime projects will find their finish line! The simple solutions available to us in our own environments will mend together significant parts of our lives!2016 is a year where small details equal BIG differences.
  • The Hebraic numbers, as I said before, are also a word or phrase. So you’re probably asking yourself,
    You:  I know that 6 means “Divine Connection”, so what does the rest of the numbers translate to?
    I’m so glad you asked, and here is the answer:When a 5 is at the beginning of a sentence, it means “Behold/ Listen to what I am about to say.”
    When the 7 takes the place of the hundredths spot, it means “This beautiful kingdom”.
    When 7 takes the seat of the tens, it means “Perceiving/to see.”
    And finally when the Vav (or 6) takes the place in the ones, it means “Divine Connections.”
    When read all together you receive this beautiful message:
    IMG_4184God has equipped you with so many things to prepare you for this next step! While we all love looking at the bigger picture, keep your eye on the small details this year, for those are what will be the “Divine Connections” to bring together all of God’s past provisions into purpose!


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