5 Proven Ways To Become The Best Dad For Your Kids

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What if we told you that you could truly have it all – a great career and a great family? It’s no secret! Studies have shown that fathers who spend hands-on time with their family are better employees and happier at work! Father’s have so much pressure to balance work and family that sometimes one gives way to the other. With Father’s Day coming up we wanted to shine our Service Spotlight on an amazing ministry for dads – All Pro Dad! Here are 5 ways they say you can become a better dad for your kids!

1. Make Sure They Know They’re Loved

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Sounds like the easiest step right? But we all know how hard it can be for guys to show their love in tangible ways. Not every man struggles with this but research shows it is an issue for many. We often think that our kids “know” we love them, and while that may be true why not take the extra effort to MAKE sure they know. It’s even easier to show them they’re loved when things are going good…but what about in the tough times – when they’re in trouble? When they’re hurting? When you’re busy? Always be sure to let your kids know you love them by telling them, showing them, and never letting them forget!

2. Make Sure Your Priorities Are Straight

Traditionally men are under a lot of pressure to provide for their families and historically it shows as dads spend a majority of their time at work. We have to remember the providing for our family means so much more than financially – we also have to provide for our families emotionally and spiritually. We have to make sure the decisions we make at work our put through the “family filter”. Will this work opportunity take away from an opportunity to emotionally provide for my family? Is that trade off worth it? Sometimes that can make for some tough decisions but the end result will always be worth it.

3. Make Sure You Have Fun With Your Kids

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Now this IS the easiest step! Having fun is easy! And believe it or not – things you might not think your kids will find fun could be great opportunities to bond! Running errands, helping with yard/home/office work, or even participating in your favorite hobby – all of these things COULD mean the world to your child. Sometimes they just want to BE with you – they don’t care what you’re doing. Those little moments tied together with all of the piggy back rides, playground trips, and ball games will make memories for a lifetime.

4. Make Sure You Understand Them

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Babies are babies, children are learning, teenagers…are difficult. You were a child once and you remember what being a teenager was like! Too often as parents we remember our upbringing and rush to protect our children from the problems we faced. But unfortunately life is going to happen. So while you’re doing your best to protect your kids – remember what it was like facing those challenges yourself, put yourself in their shoes, and empathize with them while you sympathize with them. And remember even you got mad at your parents for reasons that were important to you…

5. Make Sure You Keep God First

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Today’s society is so splintered – single parent homes (both fathers and mothers), mixed families from divorce or re-marriage, and mixed families spiritually. Ask any Christian and they’ll be the first to tell you becoming a Christian doesn’t fix every problem…but it does help. Over and over in the Bible God expresses himself as OUR father. He had to discipline His kids, He held them during tough times, and He loves us like no one else. What better role model for a father?

There is no easy way to become the best dad possible. But just taking that first step to become a better father is the first step in the right direction.

For more GREAT resources on how to become a better dad – check out our Service Spotlight on All Pro Dads!


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