Here’s How You Can Help Students AND Teachers

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Ahh the most magical time of the year…time for back to school!!! And while we may be rejoicing that the kids are heading back…we’re also feeling the sting of back to school shopping!

Many schools around the country have banned vending machine snacks. They have become banned because of the unhealthy snacks that were carried such as potato chips, pop tarts, cookies, and more. However, vending machines offer custom snack options where the schools can decide what snacks go in the machine and what doesn’t, if this idea sound appealing, here is a link so you can check this Vending machine for sale. Healthy drink options are available as well and soda does not have to be included. Students can enjoy 100% fruit juices, water both plain and flavored, green tea, and more. By having these healthy drink options and not sugar options, students will have a better opportunity to stay hydrated. Hydration is important especially after gym and during after school sports.

Recent reports have shown that parents are spending upwards of $300-$400 on school supplies…and that’s just with one child! But even more surprising is another statistic you may not know about. While we’re spending that much money on our children – their teachers are being forced to do the same!

In 2013 99.5% of all public school teachers reported paying out of pocket for supplies for their classroom – with the average amount spent being around $485. Broken down that went to:

    • $149  toward school supplies
  • $198 for instructional materials
  • $138 on “other classroom supplies

In the end everyone suffers from growing school costs – even the children.

But that’s why we need YOUR help! This month we’ve partnered with our friends at Hiland Park Baptist Church to collect school supplies to help these teacher and their students!

So while you’re out buying those needed back to school supplies, maybe you can grab an extra pack of pencils or a pad of paper. Anything can help! And you can drop these donations off at any of the following locations:

  • Hiland Park Baptist Church – 2611 U.S. 231, Panama City, FL 32405
  • Noble Public Adjustment – 17208 Panama City Beach Parkway Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  • Phrivent Financial – 2518 Hwy 77 Suite C Lynn Haven, FL 32444
  • Corner Tire Store 849 Harrison Avenue Panama City, FL 32401
  • Hare & Taylor CPA Firm – 2589 Jenks Avenue Panama City, FL 32405
  • Roughstocks Steak and Seafood – 1800 S Highway 77 Lynn Haven, FL 32444
  • Callaway Country Florist – 219 North Tyndall Parkway Callaway, FL 32404
  • Restore Pro – 7525 Nautical CT Panama City, FL 32409

And we’re encouraging ALL moms and daughters who will be attending the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour August 29th at Hiland Park Baptist Church to bring donations for a final massive push!

Help us Live Service Out this month!

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