What Is Secret Keeper Girl?

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for The Gulf Coast.

88.3 WAY-FM is proud to present the Secret Keeper Girl – Crazy Hair Tour

August 29th at Hiland Park Baptist Church in Panama City.


But you might be asking – what is a Secret Keeper Girl?

Well she’s lots of things! A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends, and she embraces Godly beauty.

So she keeps the deepest secrets of her beauty for just one man – BUT she also knows that she can share all of her heart’s secrets with her mom at ANY time.

Creator Dannah Gresh shares how the Secret Keeper Girl Tour came to be:
“Secret Keeper Girl was birthed when my research revealed that among the factors that help a teen girl live a life of purity – mother/daughter connection is one of the greatest assets to reducing the risk of an early sexual debut. That connection is best formed when a girl is a tween.

Now that’s a lot to unpack and understand! That’s where the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy hair Tour comes in!

You and your daughter are going to explore and deepen that connection – while have a TON of fun at the same time.

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks because we’ll be going over all of the fun and important lessons you’ll experience at Secret Keeper Girl!

In the mean time here’s a sneak peek at all of the fun!


And don’t forget to get your tickets today!

**All sales are final**

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