105.9 Tower Collapse

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Louisville.


11/6 Afternoon UPDATE: As of 1:15 this afternoon 105-9 is back on the air. The temporary antenna is mounted on what is left of the original tower. It looks like this will be the arrangement for the next 4 – 5 weeks. The owners of the tower are in the process of building a “temporary permanent” 200 foot tower.  We plan to move to this tower as soon as it is built. When we move, we will mount a better antenna on it. Ultimately it looks like the main tower will be rebuilt in the coming months, and everything should get back to normal.

11/6 UPDATE: Our engineering team, headed up by Phil, is working on getting a temporary antenna in place. Priority one is safety, being too close to an active radio antenna is not the healthiest thing. Any temporary solution will need to protect workers as they rebuild the original tower. Another challenge is because it’s not practical to keep tens of thousands of dollars of equipment in storage for such a rare occurrence, our team are locating specialty parts. We’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom, safety, and for the right equipment to become available quickly.

Original post: The radio tower that WAY-FM rents for our 105.9 signal collapsed today (Friday 11/1). Those 2 gray box like things in the middle of the picture are parts of our antenna (they’re normally 150 feet above the ground). A rebuild of a new tower will take a few months, in the meantime we’re working on getting a temporary antenna up and running. WAY-FM is also on 104.3 in Louisville, and everywhere on the WAY-FM APP.


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