WayFM Charleston Tuition Savings Program

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for The Lowcountry.

The Lowcountry WayFM Tuition Savings Program!

Calling all Lowcountry Christian schools!
Are you looking to get new students for the upcoming school year?

WayFM has a program designed just for you! It’s WayFM’s Tuition Savings!

This program is designed to work with area Christian schools to offer savings on tuition to private schools for new students, while at the same time giving you exposure on WayFM for free!

If you work with a local school and would like to learn more please contact Chad Wojtkow at cwojtkow@wayfm.com

If you have a student and would be interested in finding out more about the Tuition Savings Progam, please fill out the form below

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WAY-FM is partnering with Ridge Christian Academy to be a part of our Tuition Savings Program!  This program allows you to receive a one-year tuition voucher for 40% off the regular tuition rates of Ridge Christian Academy!  This tuition does not include any Enrollment fees, Athletic/P.E. fees, or Afterschool Program fees. For a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees for each grade level, please click here http://ridgechristian.info/index.php/registration/current-tuition/. Please know that the payment for tuition must be made in full before your child begins classes or two payments can be made within 30 days of each other. You can also review our website for more information regarding athletics and extra-curriculars at http://ridgechristian.info/. If you are interested in receiving more information about this opportunity, please fill out the form on this page.  Act now before this offer is no longer available!

Ridge Christian Academy is a Christian school located in Summerville, SC and growing by the grace of God. We provide a great Christian environment for your children to learn in with opportunities not available in public schools. We have classes and spaces for children K5 through the 12th grade. We pray that RCA is the right place for you.

Ridge Christian Academy is a Christian school that is dedicated to providing an all-encompassing Christ centered curriculum for each student. To provide a God planned Christian environment for each student so that they can reach the highest possible level physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually.

We accept students regardless of their religious beliefs.

Living Oaks Academy was established by the Lord in 2018 to be a place where students, faculty, families, and visitors could experience life and love in the presence of Jesus and become “mighty oaks of righteousness, planted by God to display His glory.”  We begin each day with our K-12 students in a time of worship and prayer, learning to exalt our Lord and Savior and to hear and obey His voice.  God is faithfully working each day, step by step, to help us become the people and the place He has designed us to be.

At each level of academics, elementary, middle, and high school, classes are multi-age so that students have the opportunity to strengthen weak skills and push forward in areas they have already mastered, regardless of their grade levels or ages.  Academic objectives are driven through project-based learning (PBL), so students often work together in small groups to discover new information, apply developing skills, and present finished products that they have developed across the curriculum to answer a “big question.”  PBL allows students from K-12 to develop real-world skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, conflict management, creativity, and time management.

Our elementary students learn phonics and math through mini-lessons and hands-on work stations with A Beka and BJU curriculum driving the objectives.  Our middle school and high school teachers also use BJU curriculum as the spine for their science, math, English, and history classes while teaching students to research, discover, analyze, and apply new information for themselves.  In addition, we offer electives such as physical education, Spanish, Worship Team, Bible, and College/Career Preparation.  Also, responsible students who qualify to take courses at Trident Technical College can pursue dual credit classes that they choose.

Finally, at Living Oaks Academy, Fridays are always a little different.  Some Fridays are focused on Projects and Electives, but we also really want to use our Fridays to get to know our community and to serve them.  Other Fridays are reserved for field trips, community mentors, community service projects, and job shadowing.  Making connections between our classroom and the real world is vital, and we truly desire to equip our students from K-12 to love, serve, and connect with the people and the needs around them.

Through it all, we keep Jesus at the center and seek to train the hearts of our students to love Him first, to choose Him first, and to live lives surrendered to Him. We approach each day as a celebration of the life Jesus died to give us, and we love to have fun!   Conflict and discipline are handled with God’s Word as we work to build relationships with our students and their families.  We are so thankful for the privilege God has given us to partner with families as they raise their children and to honor God in all He has given us.

WAY-FM is partnering with Charleston Bilingual Academy to be a part of our Tuition Savings Program! This program allows you to receive a one-year tuition voucher for 40% off the regular tuition rates of Charleston Bilingual Academy! This tuition does not include any fees. This special program is only available for children of families who have not already contacted or attended Charleston Bilingual Academy and are entering Kindergarten- 2nd grade (exceptions can be made for older students who speak Spanish). For a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees please click here.

Charleston Bilingual Academy has the powerful mission of “partnering with parents, to inspire World Changers through a Christ-centered, intercultural, language immersion education.” Explore the many advantages a bilingual education has for your child and gain more information regarding the school, extra curriculars and mission by clicking here. If you are interested in receiving more information about this opportunity, please fill out the form on this page. Act now before this offer is no longer available!

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