3 Awesome Things That Will Make You Love MercyMe Even More!

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for North Florida.

You already know MercyMe are coming to Tallahassee November 7th! But there’s a lot you may not know about the band. Here are 3 behind the scene secrets about one of your favorite WAY-FM artists!

1. I Can Only Imagine…What It Would Have Been Like

MercyMe may never have happened if it wasn’t for a high school football injury! Football was at the center of the Millard family – Bart’s father was an all-american player for Southern Methodist University and Bart and his brother were on the fast track for their own football stardom. However, after breaking both of his ankles in a high school football game Bart was forced to take a new elective….choir!

2. Humble Beginnings

daycare photo

Photo by kidsworkchicago

They might be one of the top Christian music acts in the world today but everyone has to start somewhere! In the beginning they boys took up resident in an abandoned daycare to practice and record music AND live in at the same time! Thankfully that was only for a season…

3. Internet Sensations

While we know MercyMe for all of their hit songs like “I Can Only Imagine”, “Flawless”, and “Greater” they also are famous on the internet for OTHER people’s songs! The Cover Tune Grab Bag started as a way to kill time behind the scenes of the Rock and Worship Roadshow has turned into an online goldmine!


If you needed another reason to love MercyMe – they’re coming to Tallahassee November 7th! Get your tickets today!

Or by phone @ 800-965-9324


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