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Drones and Fireworks=AMAZING

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Portland.

A videographer decided that flying his Drone strapped with a Go Pro Hero 3 Silver through his local fireworks show was worth the risk of losing the valuable equipment. What he captured was completely amazing. Take a look at what he captured. God Bless ‘Murica, Fireworks, and technology.

The best drones have evolved greatly since the first ready-to-fly model went on sale ten years ago – and a decade on drones are now everywhere. Every drone on this list (except the cheap Tello) has a camera supported by a powered gimbal, which counteracts the vibration from the propellers. Sensor size is still an issue for photographers, but there are options depending on your needs. In general, the bigger the sensor, the better the low-light performance.

If you are looking for information about the new modern-day drone then reading a drone review is your best option to get it. It is not so hard to understand what a drone is and how it can help you. You need to read the drone review before you start buying one so that you don’t make mistakes when you buy the first one that you see. Here is a great source about drones for you to start off with called Droneuncover.There are different types of these cool toys and it is important to know about them so that you don’t make any mistakes while using them.

Some drones still lack a full set of smart flying features (even if fitted with landing sensors). You need to remember not all drones can see obstacles in every direction – even if they fly in any direction! Nevertheless to make this list drones feature technology allowing them to hover in place, so photographers can view using them as more as like positioning a tripod without legs than going to pilot school.

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