Keeping Christ In CHRISTmas!

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for South Florida.

It’s that time of year again when we all debate and discuss which businesses are saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, or we email our local radio station (not calling anyone out) because they played Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bell Rock and “completely missed the message of Christ.”

So, we’ve been wondering what we could do as a community not just to keep the word Christ in Christmas, but to be the Body of Christ to our community at Christmas?  Here are some idea’s we have and we look forward to hearing what you’re going to do to keep Christ in Christmas.

Christmas DecorationsOffer to Help Decorate the Home of a Single Parent

Christmas can be a very stressful time for a struggling single parent. It’s typically a time when parents will take on extra work to help cover increased expenses.  Even though we all know Christmas isn’t about the latest gadget from the toy store, parents want to put a smile on their child’s face on Christmas morning.  So, we extend ourselves and try to measure up to expectations, which means additional costs.  Help relieve a bit of the time and money burden and make their home extra festive by donating and putting up more Christmas decorations than they could imagine ever having.  You’ll put wonder in a child’s eyes and the love of Christ in their parent’s heart.

Christmas CookiesShare a Basket of Christmas Treats with Your Neighbors

Just about everyone loves homemade cooks, cakes and fudge, so why not spend some time with the family, singing Christmas carols in the kitchen while you make up a batch for each of your neighbors?  You could go the extra mile by putting in a handwritten note telling why you love having them as a neighbor.  It’s not very difficult and it makes a huge impact when someone see’s you put in a little sweat equity.

Nursing HomeSing Christmas Carols at the Local Nursing Home

Being a senior citizen in a nursing home can sometimes be a very lonely time. Why not grab your “small group” and head over for some Christmas carols and homemade treats (be sure to ask the staff about food restrictions some residents may have). When you’re done, instead of packing up and leaving, ask them about their favorite Christmas memory.  You’ll be surprised how much joy you can bring to someone just by listening to something that’s of value to them.

Big-Red-Bus-Right-AngledDonate Blood

Sadly, this time of year, with more people out on the roads traveling or just shopping, the number of auto accidents increases and the need for blood does as well.  Take some time out of your day and find out when the blood bank will be in your area so you can give the gift of life. Maybe even take it to the next level and organize a visit by the mobile blood bank your office or church.

How Will You Keep Christ in Christmas?

These are just a few ideas to help get your creativity started.  So, share below what you’re going to do to make a difference and love on your neighbors this year?  Let’s hear it…


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