WAY-FM’s “March Madness Challenge!”

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for South Florida.

Love WAY-FM music?
Can’t wait for the college basketball playoffs to start on Thursday?

Here at WAY-FM, you can combine your love for sports and music in WAY-FM’s “March Madness Challenge!”


Simply follow this link (https://yho.com/tourney?g=56009&k=da181313b7464b0c) and sign-in to your Yahoo! account.

Don’t have one? Create one! It only takes a moment 🙂
Need a password to enter the bracket? Simple! It is: WAYFM

That’s it! Make your selections by 11:00 on Thursday morning. The top three participants win some fun prizes from WAY-FM, with the overall winner taking home a WAY-FM prize pack!

Let the Madness begin!

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