Why It’s NOT Too Early for Christmas Music

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for South Florida.

You may have noticed your WAY-FM has started playing Christmas music and we’re honestly pretty excited about it.  Sure, we’ve heard from some who think the earliest they should hear a Christmas song is the day after Thanksgiving.  In years past, we’ve followed this this thinking as well and started to “pepper” our playlist with a few Christmas songs here and there, starting on that day. This year, we’re ready to celebrate right now.

We’ve put together a few good (we think) reasons why you can choose to be excited about Christmas music at this time of year.

Christmas Music Is About Giving Thanks.

thanksgiving meal
Christmas is about one thing, that’s the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. God dwelt among us from His time as a tiny baby in a smelly manger up until the day He, the Creator of the universe, willingly gave his life to reconcile us with Himself.  As it says in John 15:13 – “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  As we go into Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for our families, safety, homes, pets, “stuff,” and everything else with which we’ve been blessed, but remember, what’s it all mean if we didn’t have the one greatest gift God gave to man… himself?  It’s Thanksgiving, so let’s give thanks for Him.

Hearing Christmas Music Now, Increases the Shopping Window

CalendarWe know, Christmas isn’t about shopping, it’s certainly become way too commercialized and most of use have a lot of anxiety about getting it all done.  The best way to deal with that anxiety is to get started a little bit earlier, so we can actually relax and enjoy Christmas with those we love.  Hopefully, hearing Christmas music earlier than normal will gently encourage us to get out and get the shopping done.  It could actually make Christmas a time of peace, on Earth and in our homes.

The Stores Beat Us to It – Let’s Sing About Christ

Buy More stuffIn the retail world, Christmas shopping begins on November 1st when stores push aside the scary masks and candy and bring out the garland, lights, trees, and tinsel. We have an opportunity to say “whoa! This is about the birth of Christ, not getting a great deal on a 65 inch LED television.”  As a radio station, we can make this statement by giving you Christmas music as you drive to the stores, before you go in and get bombarded with shopping “deals.”

Christmas Music Should Bring Peace not Anxiety

Shopping FrenzyTo those who don’t share our Christian faith, Christmas is often a time of great anxiety as we try to buy all the stuff we want, cook all the fudge we can eat and work all weekend (or weekends) to put up all the decorations. It’s no wonder people who don’t know Christ don’t want to hear about Christmas just yet, for them, it’s the “starter pistol” that signals the hectic season of shopping.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this Christmas season even more this year as you celebrate the birth of Christ through the Christmas music you hear on WAY-FM.

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