Is Your Family Prepared?

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Another hurricane season is upon us, and it’s important that you and your family are prepared for when the next storm comes.

Below are some questions, tips and resources to help you, which are based on the hurricane preparedness guidelines set out by the National Weather Service. Even if you already have everything you need, take this moment and refresh your memory. Be sure to also check expiration dates on food items in your hurricane disaster kit and make sure everyone in your family knows your individual action plan.

Have A Plan

It’s important for every person in your family to know exactly what to do. Use the numbered steps below to make sure that everyone in your family is ready.

  • Determine your risk

It’s important to know exactly which particular hazards could happen at your address, and it’s also important to know how to handle them when they happen.

NOAA Coastal Services Hurricane Tracks Tool
Based on the statistics, how often can I expect to see a hurricane return to my location?

  • Develop an evacuation plan

– Do you live in an evacuation zone? Find out by using THIS MAP.
– Where will you go and how will you get there? Consider multiple choices and plan out your route.
– Do you have pets? Include them in your planning.
– Does your family have specific needs that need to be accounted for?
– Be sure to consider the latest CDC guidelines on COVID-19 while developing your plans.

– Get an insurance checkup- Does your insurer cover certain costs but not others?
– Take into account your possessions (boat, car, etc.)
– You’ll have to account for flooding insurance separately if you have a basic homeowner’s policy. Ask your insurance company about getting flood insurance or find coverage through the national program HERE.

Hurricane Kit

The essentials are not an option for survival, so it’s important to have them readily available at all times. The Department of Homeland Security has THIS CHECKLIST that you can use to make sure you have all the supplies you need in case of a disaster.

You can find additional resources on putting together a hurricane kit below:

Strengthen Your Home

If you decide to stay put, it’s important to know that your home will be able to protect your family.

– Protect all doors and windows with proper steel, aluminum or plywood coverings.
– The garage door is most vulnerable. Make sure it’s prepared to handle the winds.
– Trim trees around your home.
– Secure all loose, outdoor items.
– Make sure doors have effective locks and are secured.
– Be sure to find a safe storage location for your vehicle, boat, or other large equipment and possessions.

Below are some additional resources:

Help Your Neighbor

Many people, especially senior citizens, rely on help from family, friends, and neighbors both BEFORE AND AFTER a storm.

– Ask your neighbors if they need help and offer to gather supplies or assist with home protection measures.
– Assist your neighbor with evacuation when orders are made.
– Check on your neighbor after the storm passes once it’s safe to do so.

You can find additional resources for hurricane safety by clicking HERE.

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