WAY-FM Listeners Share What God Has Taught Them in the Middle of Hurricane Irma.

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WAY-FM listeners share the inspiring things God has and is doing in their lives due to Hurricane Irma. These are reminders that even in the darkest storm, God can show us His love in new and beautiful ways.


Feel free to share what God is doing in your life in the comment section.
  • Heather
    •  “I’ve gotten to know my aunt and uncle better because we evacuated to their house. I’ve seen our communities coming together. I’ve witnessed love and generosity and concern everywhere. I’m thankful for more than stuff.
  • Jennifer
    • “I learned a VERY valuable lesson thru it – that when it comes down to it- it didn’t matter who you voted for… at that moment, I saw the best of humanity which came out to help each other survive in so many ways. He showed ME personally that life and love are so much more important and valuable than any election…”
  • Susan
    • “My mom who I have not spoken to in 5 years, her choice, contacted me checking in. God is Good!”
  • Sissy
    • Having fled hurricane Irma with a suitcase and my 2 kitty cats, I was reminded that life is more than just about collecting stuff. That our real strength and purpose come from our faith, and that alone is priceless in disastrous times.
  • Jamie
    • He’s shown me that there are people in far worse situation than I am currently in myself, even though my own world feels and looks so bleak currently. My husband left me and I have 4 children to care for while I’m dealing with all of this emotional stuff. But, today, I stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough to go out into the community and deliver food, water, cleaning supplies, diapers and more to those still without power and it made my heart feel so full. God is showing me new things to be grateful for every day. And I know with Him, I WILL get through this.
  • Glenda
    • He’s shown me that we are absolutely nothing without him, but thru him we can do all things, like being content and thankful in the middle of the storm, knowing that he will never forsake us.
  • Linda
    • (As) I evacuated from south Florida. I was unable to find gas or lodging on my first night. After about 34 hours with no sleep and getting desperate, I was, by the grace of God, informed of a Red Cross shelter in a church in Valdosta, Ga. It was staffed by a group of kind and caring volunteers who truly are the hands & feet of Jesus. The people of CrossPointe Church will forever be in my heart.
  • Leah
    • (At our shelter) We decided to have church … We had dinner with all our new awesome friends tonight and planned our service. Now we’re looking forward to tomorrow! Our God is so so so good. 
  • James
    • I have seen churches put aside their differences and work together to make an impact in this community. It’s sad that it takes a disaster for this to happen, but at least it’s happening!!!


Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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