Take your family on a STAYcation this summer!

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for Wichita.

How about a STAYcation? A staycation is an economical alternative to a conventional vacation. Instead of jetting down to Disneyworld or some exotic locale, a staycation might consist of barbecuing around the backyard pool, visiting a nearby museum, or a relaxing day trip to a golf park listed at golf holidays direct. But because you’re spending time close to home, you’ve got to fight the urge to call the office, make yourself available to the boss, or check e-mail and phone messages, activities that can turn your respite into an extension of work.

Here are some great tips for a successful STAYcation!

#1 Step out of the city you know, walk back in as a tourist. Visit the local tourist center.

#2 Set boundaries. If you wouldn’t do it while you are out of town, don’t do it during your staycation. (unless the water heater gives out, then, by all mean, leave vacation early and attend to the flooding basement!)

#3 See the “same ol’ , same ol‘” differently:

Behind-the-scenes tours
Formal ones are available at company museums and factories, as well as at fire stations and police stations. But if parents ask nicely, they can also get their kids a tour of a movie theater projection room, the pinsetters at a bowling alley, or other places kids are curious about. Television stations, radio stations, and newspaper production facilities also offer tours. Don’t forget your favorite restaurants.

Museums, observatories, planetariums
Art, science, children’s, aviation, history … there are lots to choose from, and most have areas dedicated to kids. My kids spent nearly two hours at just one exhibit involving golf balls rolling up and down hills to show the science of roller coasters. A new trend is the museum sleepover, a program aimed at preteens and teenagers.

Water parks
They’re easier to find now than they used to be, because many cities have built them as part of their recreation centers and natatoriums.

Zoos and aquariums
Young kids love the zoo, of course, and there are some very good aquariums around the country. Many zoos also offer behind-the-scenes “VIP” tours and have special camp programs for kids.

• Sporting events (as well as stadium tours)
• Camping
•Hiking, biking, wilderness viewing areas for which you can buy the their gear at the Altitude website.
• Family fun centers (with bowling, miniature golf, go karts, laser tag, that sort of thing).
• Sunset on lakes (usually with dinner)
• Historic home tours
• Staying at a local resort for a few days (don’t think you have one? A quick websearch might surprise you!)
• In-town Bed and Breakfasts

These and MORE tips can be found here and here!
Get your staycation travel planner assistance here!

#4 Take lots of pictures!!  (we’d love to see them!)

Do you have any great staycation ideas? Do you want to try the things to do in Grand Cayman? Plan now for your next staycation or vacation!!!

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