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Banner Ad

Dimensions: 2400 px wide by 296 pixels high is ideal. 1200 by 148 is minimum
Placement: The banner ad is displayed just under the first block of content on the homepage, as well as above the title of most content posts.



Audio Preroll Ad

Length: Max 15 seconds
Demo Preroll:

App Ad in WAY-FM App

Graphic: 1280 px wide by : 720 high.
Headline: 25 characters max
Copy: 75 characters max
Placement #1: Featured Ad Appears at top of Activity Feed when WAY-FM App first opened (Natalie Grant Ad Below). Scrolls with rest of feed. Can contain call to action. (Placement #1 is available for your market only) 
Placement #2: Synced Ad Appears in feed at same time audio spot plays. Can be a call to action, coupon, etc.

What’s Trending Banner

Graphic: 1220 px wide by 220 px high
Design: Image focused with up to 5 words. There is room for short teaser text below. No more than 15 words.

What’s Trending Insert

Graphic: 800 px wide by no more than 415 px high
Copy: Descriptive Headline with short teaser text. Can link to WAY-FM page or to sponsor page.