Be a Day Maker! WayFM wants to encourage you and others during this time! Drop off some cookies for a family member or friend, pay for the car behind you next time you're in a drive-through, mow a neighbor's lawn, or commit to spreading kindness in another way! Print the SURPRISE cards below to share with YOUR kind act of making someone's day.


4th of July Recipes

Getting ready for the 4th of July with family and friends? Here are some great recipes for your cookout and gathering! Recipes    

How do You Live (Service) Out?

This past weekend families from all over Southwest Florida came together and Lived (Service) Out! It was amazing to see so many people give up their weekend so they could build houses with Habitat for Humanity in Lee and Collier County, and pack shoeboxes at Grace Community Center. Because of these volunteers, Live (Service) Out was a success. However, just because the Live (Service) Out weekend has ended, doesn’t mean Live (Service) Out is over. There are always opportunities for…

Come See How YOU Live Service Out

On June 21st we gathered with listeners just like you from around the Gulf Coast for our Live Service Out national day of service. To say this day was anything short of amazing doesn't do it justice. Over 70 volunteers joined us in Panama City to work on TWO houses with the Bay County Habitat for Humanity. With your help we were able to put up all 4 walls on a new home and finish interior work…

Come See How YOU Live Service Out

On June 20th we gathered with listeners just like you for our Live Service Out national day of service. To say this day was anything short of amazing doesn't do it justice. Over 30 volunteers joined us in Tallahassee to do yard work and home repairs for a local veteran with the Big Bend Habitat for Humanity. After being bounced from apartment to apartment Ret. Staff Sargent Herbert Alexander will finally have a home to…

Colorado Summer Boating Stay-Cation Ideas

So are you thinking about staying in state for your summer vacation this year? Well there are so many great things to do in the Centennial state! You can check out everything from hiking, camping, fishing, boating, golf, horseback riding and more here! Consider inviting your children’s friends to spend the occasional day with your family on the boat. Your kids will probably be more enthusiastic to spend the day on the water and you’ll…

Register to Be a WAY-FM VIP Club Member

Did you just get a WAY-FM Window Sticker "custom installed" on your car? Do you want to be a member of the WAY-FM VIP Club? If you said yes to both of those, make sure you register all of your information below. Don't forget the picture of car with the window sticker!

The Evolution of… Bad..Dad Dancing.

Since Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show for Jay Leno earlier this year..he has been nothing but magnificent. Each show has gotten more and more fun to watch. As we are sure you will agree. ..Jimmy has a new type of comedy that connects with all us. Very reminiscent of Johnny Carson's Tonight Shows.. in the early days. Since this weekend is Father's Day we thought you would enjoy "The Evolution of Dad Dancing"…

They call it puppy love

They say that pets and their owners have a special bond. Little Emma couldn't agree more. Were you excited like Emma when you first got your pet? Tell us the story about your favorite furry friend in the comments section below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7vpxmly8R0  

Live Service Out Part II

Covenant Hospice
We have absolutely the best listeners in the world! Any time we ask you to put your faith into action you step up in a BIG way! We’re so excited for our upcoming Day of Service on June 21st and apparently so are you! We've had so many people sign up to volunteer with us and Habitat for Humanity that we had to find ANOTHER group to partner with so no one is left out! The…