Meet Colbi


Colbi: Intern

Hometown: Crawfordville, Florida

College: University of North Florida

Family: Brother Harrison, brother Starr, brother Keegan, mom Eleni, dad Todd

Pets: Trixi, an obese Miniature Schnauzer, Graci: an average weighted miniature Schnauzer and a lot of fish all named Little Nasty.

Celebrity Look-ALikes: Some people say Diane Lane, which I’ll take.

Paper of Plastic Quiz:

  • Trip to the mall or day on the boat? Boat. I’ve grown up coastal living and there’s nothing more I love than the salt air and the rays of the sun reflecting off of the water.
  • Fast or Slow? Speed has always been my best friend. Whether on a Segway or on a tube, I’ll always be wanting to push the limits.
  • Country or Reggae? I’ve really gotten into Reggae music lately and it for sure helps chill me out since I’m suffering from B.S.A. (Beach Separation Anxiety).
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise because after seeing the sun rise, you feel connected to it. As if you have to spend the whole day with it just so you don’t hurt its feelings, and what’s better than a day in the sun?
  • High Heels or Flip Flops? I enjoy dressing up and all but at the end of the day, my feet always thank me for wearing flip flops. I can also take them off any time I want and sit criss-cross.