A Healthy Habit You Won’t Want to Break!

By: Wally, The Wally Show

Why is it that bad habits are so easy to fall into, but it takes considerable effort to create a good habit? Personally, I am a creature of habit, and I fully understand what Paul was talking about in Romans 7:15 when he wrote, “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate” (NLT).

This is the reason that every year I resist the urge to make a New Year’s resolution because I’m fully aware that I will probably not stick with it much past January, and I don’t need that kind of failure in my life.

However, this year was a little different for me. Instead of a resolution I accepted a challenge, the 21 Day Challenge.  

If you are not familiar with this, it is where we challenge people to listen to WayFM for 21 days straight to see what effect it has on their lives. The idea being that filling your head and heart with music that is brimming with God’s truth brings people peace, hope, joy, contentment, and grace.

Basically, listening to WayFM is like getting your recommended daily allowance of spiritual fruit!

As the host of the morning show, I obviously hear the music we play every day. However, so many times while you’re hearing the songs on the radio, we’re doing work behind the scenes. So, I don’t truly get to listen and absorb the message and the music.

Then after being on the air for four hours I usually prefer not to listen to anything on my way home. But I decided to do what I had been telling others to do and take the 21 Day Challenge.

I cannot believe the difference!

By nature, I’m a very highly strung, impatient, and intense person. So you can imagine how much better the outcome would be for me walking into a tough meeting with the words to Zach Williams’ song, “A Little More Like Jesus,” in my head, instead of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

It even got into my driving. Before, if someone was driving badly, I immediately thought the worst of them.

But during the 21 Day Challenge, someone cut me off and I distinctly remember hearing Phil Wickham singing, “This is Amazing Grace.” It instantly reminded me to extend grace to that person, because I had no idea what might be causing them to be distracted.

Perhaps the thing I have loved most about taking the 21 Day Challenge is how easy it is. I don’t think I could accept a 21 day workout challenge. While that might be great for my body, the working out I really need to do is on my heart, and I truly do feel a difference.

If you’ve not taken the 21 Day Challenge, it is never too late to start. I promise you this is one habit you will never want to break!

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