A Struggling Believer’s Story

I am a recovering addict. For 14 years I used drugs and put my family through alot. There were a few times I got clean, went to rehab, got close to God. But the enemy continued to tempt and grab ahold of me. My dad never gave up on me. He would call me and tell me to listen to this Christian radio station. I also lost my mother when I was 13 years old.

When the song came out by Natalie Grant, “Held”, he would call me everytime to listen to it. He said that WAY-FM gave him hope and helped him through all of my stuff. Today, I ONLY listen to WAY-FM. It lifts me up and puts me right where I need to be daily. I love the fact that my daughter, Hayden and I know and sings most of the songs. Thank you! God really works through WAY-FM and through the music played. I LOVE WAY-FM!

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