Watch How God Showed Up in Amazing Ways with a Prize Giveaway!

Andrew, a police officer and WAY-FM listener, won one of our 1K Christmas Save; a promotion in conjunction with Kirk Cameron’s movie, “Saving Christmas,” meaning he got to help a family in need this past December.

One hour before we informed him of his winnings, he had been on the scene of the fire that wiped out a family’s entire trailer. They lost all their belongings, including Christmas gifts.

We were all floored at how God worked this out! He knows what He’s doing.

Not only was Andrew able to help out this family with the prize money, but a local church got inspired by his generosity and  gave this family a brand new trailer, too.

We received this letter from Andrew later:

This letter is being written to personally thank you for helping me achieve my goal in helping the Sanchez Family during this time of struggle. You and 88.1 WAY-FM played just as an important role in his time of struggle as I did. It is an amazing feeling having God giving me what I want in my heart without me even having to pray for it. God works in amazing ways and your radio station continues to give me aspirations to do AMAZING things for gods people. The Sanchez family was extremely excited receiving the gift cards you guys sent me. Just an update, the Sanchez Family received a new trailer from a local business man that heard what we were doing (photos are attached).

Thank you for keeping in contact with me during these amazing moments, I hope that you and I continue to stay in contact with each other when needed. On a later date and time I will be sending you a copy of the video my department made helping the Sanchez Family. I hope you have a wonderful day.



Andrew Cano

Prize Winner

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