I found a lump and was destroyed… I am WAY-FM

I grew up in a Christian home, left by my parents to the care of my great grandparents. As an adult, I made mistakes, big ones. I stole, I lied, and I hurt people to avoid being hurt. I turned from God. I eventually realized I was not living the life I wanted to lead and I knew I had to have God in my life to survive, to thrive, to love and be loved. Every time I would start to draw closer to God, the devil would step in and something bad would happen, making sure I never gained the closeness with God I was so desperately seeking.

In 2013, I found a lump and was destroyed. Why me? Why could God not protect me?

When I was driving to the doctor to get the results of the biopsy, nothing would pick up on my radio. I hit scan…..and the ONLY channel that came through was WAY-FM. So I listened, and I listened, and the fear I was feeling started to lessen.

After hearing the words, “You have cancer,” I had never felt more alone in my life. As I walked back to my car by myself, I cried out to God in the parking lot.

I turned the car on and the very first song was “Praise YOU in this Storm.” I sat in stunned silence and just listened. The next song was “Overcomer.”…. I was NOT alone. God had not allowed any of the bad things to happen to me. He had never left me, I had left Him. He wanted me to praise Him no matter what was going on. I am still battling cancer; I am still struggling financially and dealing with my past mistakes.  But I am striving to be a godlier woman, to draw closer to Him, to learn His word better. I still stumble. I still fall flat, but God is always there to pick me up and let me know He is with me.

WAY-FM is such an awesome tool that God uses to help me. God is now leading my life down a different path. I am searching for a way to serve Him and help others as my career. To use my talents to bring people to Him and to glorify Him in all that I do.

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