I GAVE UP AND SURRENDERED – A New Believer’s Story


I came across your station about 2 months ago. I haven’t stopped listening to it. I was going through so much. I was close to God at different times in my life. I always found my way right back.

The last time I was around 16, and now I’m going on 24 in April. It has taken me that long to draw close to Him again. I finally realized that the only one that can get me through this life is our wonderful Father in Heaven. I gave up and surrendered to Him, and repented for all I’v done.

I found encouragement with this station. It truly has helped me with my daily walk with God. I started to go back to church recently. Then caught myself falling back into my old ways. Finally I denied myself like Luke 9:23 says “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

My life is forever changed. I do Bible studies now. I talk about my faith, and Jesus all the time. I just love what He is doing in my life right now. I pray all the time. I love it. I’m hungry to know more and more of His word. I love stories from the Bible.  He has brought so much joy to my life, and through your station I have found my way back to Him as well as my church.

I love Word on the Way, and the music just sings to my soul. I sing out loud to it, and dance in my car every morning on my way to work. This station has made the start to my work day so much better. I find joy and happiness every time I listen to it. When my day goes bad. I blare the music and just sing out loud. Thank you for this station.  God is so AWESOME!!! I pray He just keeps speaking to me and through this station.This station speaks the truth, and just is very touching!! 🙂

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