I was brought to my knees in surrender

I accepted Jesus as my savior 2.5 years ago after my mom had been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I found this station scanning and heard “The Hurt and The Healer” by Mercy Me. I was brought to my knees in surrender when the lyrics were singing my life. I would share the word with my mom. A year later, I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer metastatic to my kidneys. I listen to WAY-FM every day, on my way into work, on my way to treatment, ANY time I am in the car. That song still applies to my life and moves me so deeply and reminds me God is in control and He sure is. I know I serve a just God and I can say we are both now in remission. I love this station. Thank you so much for giving me a safe place to worship in song to our Lord and remind me that though we are vulnerable at times, we serve a mighty God. I love to hear from other Christian’s and know I am never alone in spirit or in heart. Thank you!

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