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We all do it… We get busy with our own lives

At WAY-FM, we are more than individuals just trying  to make it.  We are a community of believers who are seeking to live out our faith on a daily basis.  This video will challenge you to refocus on who the center of our lives should be. … Continue reading

My husband and I were not practicing Christians

This station has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. My husband and I were not practicing Christians. I turned on your radio station at some point in the last six months and it set things in motion. We have now found a church we are becoming involved in and listen to you daily. I love your show and Thank God daily for you all.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer and WAY-FM has been there as I have gone through all the ups and downs of that journey. It has been the right song at the right moment providing that encouragement that has been needed. Through the lyrics of the songs heard I have come to know that ultimately God is the one in control and to completely trust in him. I truly thank this station for providing such uplifting music and encouragement for me to drive on. Although I am not cancer free, I know that if I continue to exercise faith that God will never fail me; I know He’s not going to give me more than I can handle. I have gone back and forth with other music stations but I keep being drawn to this station. It is not only the music but the wonderful people on this station that make the difference. I always look forward to listening to the morning show and love Wally’s crazy entertainment as he always makes me laugh. He is never afraid of touching on sensitive subjects and just keeps life real. Thanks to WAY-FM and all who make this ministry possible as you are changing lives!

You too can have hope… I am WAY-FM

I suffer greatly with depression and have been for many years. Just last month, I was told by my medical team that if I do not improve I would be hospitalized. My husband and I started going back to church. We both gave our lives to the Lord and have committed ourselves 100%. The first thing I prayed for is for God to take away my pain inside; to heal my depression. I immersed myself in God’s healing word and each day I have felt better than the last. The days seem brighter… I feel hope and joy in knowing that God has a better plan for me. I wanted to share this to encourage others to look to God— to love Him as He loves us. Life may not go the way you want or the way you think it should; especially when you think God should have or have not done this or that. It is all in His time and sometimes that means you need to go through–whatever– to bring you closer to Him. You too can have hope in knowing that He can heal you… All you have to do is call upon His name. Have faith and trust in Him. I claim this healing in the name of Jesus Christ

I was heartbroken and devastated

I just want to say thank you for being there. It’s been a tough year for me and WAY-FM has been there to help make things a little better when I thought my world was crashing in on me. It seemed like every time I turned on the radio, the song that was playing was exactly what I needed to hear. I found out earlier this year that my husband had been emotionally unfaithful for over a year and would have led to other things had I not found out. During all of this, he lost his job. He started this only a few months after the birth of our son. I was heartbroken, devastated, feeling worthless and not good enough. In all of that my husband finally started going to church with me and he found God, got saved and we are doing much better. Without God, this WAYFM family and our church family, we may not have made it. “Forgiveness” was definitely one of ‘my’ songs. It reminded me that I have to forgive or I will just do more harm than good. If Jesus could forgive us, why couldn’t I forgive my husband? It was definitely a struggle for me, but I had to remember it was all in God’s hands and He would make it better if I allowed Him to work in my life. God bless you all at the WAYFM family and thank you for doing what you do! 🙂

The chains of cancer no longer had my husband

I took the WAY FM 30 day challenge to listen to only WAY-FM for 30 days in the spring of 2012 and it changed our family time in the car. In the fall of 2012 my husband was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. WAY FM had a huge impact on us during this time. The right song would ALWAYS play at the right time. On the morning of his surgery we were talking about the song “Proof of Your Love” and it came on…GOD is great. My husband passed in April 2014 and the morning he passed, as I was preparing to make arrangements for him, “Amazing Grace (My chains are Gone)” came on. The song reminded me that the chains of cancer no longer had my husband and that he was resting healthy, happy and safe in the arms of Jesus. GOD is great!!!

I lost my husband and mother on the same day

WAY-FM has been an encouragement and support in my life for 25 years. Most recently, I lost my husband and my mother on the same day and the songs and conversations on WAY-FM have helped me through these difficult days. Thank you for always being there for me to tune in and listen for a Word from God.

This boy could hardly breathe, let alone sing

I volunteer every Friday afternoon on the Pediatric Acute Care Unit of a local children’s hospital. Many of my patients are terminal, but if they don’t listen to WAY-FM, I introduce them to MY Station. A young 17 year old patient with a severe lung disease met me at the unit entrance a while ago and asked me to go to his room. I had introduced him to WAY-FM on an earlier visit. He told me he had a song he had learned from My WAY-FM and a web site. When he started playing and singing “There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp, I lost it. This poor boy could hardly breathe, let alone sing, and he sounded great. He told me that Christian music is his focus now and that he has found some friends that play along with him. Thank You Way FM, for being there and in my car every day.

Eventually he will hear the words of the music and it will click

My husband is so against religion. Where most couples argue about finances, our arguments are over religion. I started out listening in secret then I gained strength from God to just start playing the station in the house for short periods of time. A year later, I turn it on once I get in the door and leave it on through dinner. To him it is just background music, but I know as long as I do not give up, eventually he will hear the words of the music and it will click. I know God is using this experience to make me stronger in my faith and make sure I am putting HIM first. For so long I have not done that and I catch myself on to many occasions not putting God first. We will both learn from this and become a stronger couple. Thank You WAY-FM

This station speaks truth… I am WAY-FM

You guys ROCK!!! My son and I listen to your music daily!!! Being a single mom struggling with anxiety, this station speaks truth. God is doing great things with this station. We just started listening a few months ago and when songs come on I take notes and write down the words that speak truth so I can look back and re-read Gods promises. Thank you all for your sacrifices and being so passionate and real.

I had only anger and bitterness in my heart… I am WAY-FM

Your station and the songs I hear on it have helped me a great deal, both during the hardest time of my life and every day since. I was brought to your station by a friend during a very difficult time in my life. My mom was battling cancer. I was her primary caregiver while having a very young child of my own to also care for. When my mom was dying from a 4-yr battle with stage 4 colon cancer, I had to make a decision I wish no one had to make. As my mom’s appointed medical decision-maker, I had to make the decision to withdraw care and ultimately let my mom die when her kidneys failed following surgery. Other family members didn’t agree with my decision to do that. They went so far as to say I had murdered my mom. That put a dagger through my heart. I had only anger and bitterness in my heart towards them. One day, I heard the song “Forgiveness” on your station. It really opened my heart to help in letting go of those negative feelings, which helped to open the rest of my life back up to the good things and people around me. I almost exclusively listen to your station now because of the healing powers your songs seem to have. They continue to get me through both the good times and bad, and help to keep me focused on God and the blessings He gives. He gave me the strength and courage to stand up for my mom on that life-changing night, as well as the blessing of peace and freedom from years of pain to my mom. God is great! Your station helps to remind me of this through your words and songs. Thank you so much for all you do!