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We all do it… We get busy with our own lives

At WAY-FM, we are more than individuals just trying  to make it.  We are a community of believers who are seeking to live out our faith on a daily basis.  This video will challenge you to refocus on who the center of our lives should be. … Continue reading

Kindness goes a long way

I went thru a McDonald’s drive thru on lower Brownsboro Road this AM and when I got to the pay window, the gal told me that the woman ahead of me had paid for my Egg McMuffin and handed me a note. My initial thought was that she was saying a big thanks to me for waiving her ahead of me in line, but then I read the note about her participation in the drive thru difference. What a lift! I like to pay for meals when I see a uniformed service person in a restaurant. This is cool too. It gives a stranger a reminder that kindness goes a long way. Thanks for starting something good.

God is in control no matter what… I am WAY-FM

My job is to answer the phones and help the whole state of Florida with everything from motor vehicles to driver’s license issues. I take over 70 to 80 calls a day and it can get very stressful. I love your station and have it on in my car and also at work. It reminds me that God is in control no matter what happens in my day. I am also very involved with my church and feel that WAY-FM helps me there also. Thanks for all you do and keep on sharing Jesus with everyone.

You motivated me to stand up for my faith… I am WAY-FM

I moved from Florida to California in 2010 and kept the phone app. I did my best to listen to WAY-FM in my car while in California and was always blessed. I am moving back and can’t wait until I am able to listen on my car radio there. I went through a divorce and my kids always told me that they wanted me to come back. Your station inspired me and placed me in awe of how great God is and what God has in store for me. Listening to your station and the worship music, the stories you share motivated me to stand up for my faith and do the right thing. I realized that I have no better place than to be with my kids. I want to encourage you and let you know that I am praying for all of you in the background as you keep impacting lives. You have impacted mine and Thank you so much. God bless you everyone! Thank you for making Jesus known 🙂

God always knows what He’s Doing

On August 13th my wonderful brother-in-law went to be with the Lord. My husband and I were at hospice with him at his passing. While driving to his mother’s home to tell her that he’d passed, Amazng Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin came on the radio as I was channel surfing.  The song reminded me that God was there and Teddy was ok and with Him. God always knows what He’s doing and is faithful to remind us of this and give us comfort whenever we need it.

I became homeless about a month ago

I became homeless about a month ago. I have been living out of my car, but discovered WAY-FM. What an uplifting difference you have made in my life. I have become closer to Jesus, and realize that I don’t have to be ashamed, or afraid because of my situation. God has it all under his control and I don’t have to worry. All I can say is, “ Thank You WAY-FM.”

The person who caused the accident was texting and driving

In February of this year, I lost my dear husband of 23 years to a motorcycle accident. The recovery period for our family has been long. I found myself unable to listen to the classic rock station anymore, as there were too many memories locked in so many songs. I found WAY-FM and my radio station hasn’t strayed. The songs have given me great comfort. My kids also now only listen to WAY-FM.

Since that terrible month, my children and I have returned to church, both kids have been baptized, and our life is full of blessings.

I think that the most difficult lesson in this has been that of forgiveness. The person who caused the accident that fateful day was texting and driving. Yet, through Heavenly Father’s guidance, I have found the grace to forgive her. She certainly did not intend to cause great harm on that day. She made a mistake in judgment and a life was lost.

The Lord was looking out for us

For the last 3 years this had been the only station that was on in my car as I drove my middle school aged kids all over creation.  They loved it and it opened up many conversations about God, social issues, and overcoming adversity.

We recently moved from our Portland, OR area home to a new location that is 45 minutes out of broadcast range. We tried other stations, but we all agree that Wally is what made our mornings so impactful. We were pretty lost.

Our move has been a little tough as we moved away from our three older children (they had graduated and are attending college) and my younger two miss them and the family dynamic that was.

This morning I was especially missing home, my kids, and my old job and decided to download the app. I am so incredibly excited to play this in the car tomorrow morning on our way to school!

Thank you so much for being inspired to do this as it will give us a bit of home as we establish our new and different one. I know the Lord was looking out for us even before we knew He was.

I was taught that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God and to bring one soul to Christ was a huge deal. The Wally show crew is a missionary type service and they have brought many souls to Christ, including mine, and in turn my children.

Please continue to let the Lord guide you in the show. You are my church right now and we as a family love you.

I was sentenced to prison and it was there that I found Jesus

In my life time I made many mistakes thinking I was helping others but in reality hurting myself. At one point, I was sentenced to prison and it was there that I found Jesus Christ again. Through Him I was able to attain a peace that I had never known. Not only did I have physical peace but more importantly spiritual peace. I’ve been home for about a year and that relationship with the Lord has only become stronger. I listen to your show every day. Your djs and music give me hope and joy. Thank you.

The struggles of the real world in my community are heartbreaking… I am WAY-FM

Two years ago I moved back to Huntsville, discouraged, lost, and feeling like the past 4 years of college were a waste. I interviewed all summer and looked everywhere to find a job. I was then introduced to this station and landed a job at a preschool. Last year at this time, two children inspired me to donate to WAY-FM. Throughout the year God continued to bless me with amazing friends/boyfriend, and a job at a title one school where I’ve always wanted to work. Working at a school like this, where I see the struggles of the real world in my own community is hard, heart breaking. I am sad to say my church attendance has been minimized because I have allowed my tired and overwhelmed self to get in the way. But every morning and every afternoon I am in my car listening to WAY-FM. This station has become my saving grace. It has kept me connected to the Lord and to His Word even when I’m too exhausted to go to a place of worship. There have been days that, without listening to you, I don’t know if I would have been able to walk into the school. Thank you!

Often it is the door to very meaningful conversations… I am WAY-FM

I am always encouraged to hear your heart for the Lord and for people. It really comes across to me and to my kiddos, 6 and 8. They take note of the lyrics and often it is the door to have very meaningful conversations. Getting songs stuck in our head can carry us through a trying day. The songs are honoring, Christ-centered, loaded with humility, and uplifting. I am especially encouraged by your partnering with Compassion. I have sponsored a child since I was 13 (I heard about it at a Michael W. Smith concert) with my baby sitting money. As a family we now sponsor more children and know that that Compassion trip is really a dream trip of a lifetime. Lord willing, we will see our Compassion kiddos in Haiti and the Dominican Republic face-to-face one day. Keep doing what you are doing. We will continue to pray for and financially support your ministry.