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We all do it… We get busy with our own lives

At WAY-FM, we are more than individuals just trying  to make it.  We are a community of believers who are seeking to live out our faith on a daily basis.  This video will challenge you to refocus on who the center of our lives should be. … Continue reading

My husband was killed while trying to stop an attack on a friend

In January, my husband of 18 years, SFC Shawn Wodos, was killed. He had been in the Army 19 years, survived 2 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was 4 months from retiring. He was killed trying to stop an attack on a friend; he was stabbed and died instantly. In one instant I lost my best friend, my husband, the father to my children, and my most avid supporter. I became a single parent of 4 children and my world crumbled.

I had listened to WAY-FM in the past, but once I lost my husband all other music seemed inconsequential and trivial – all I wanted to hear were songs that offered some small sliver of hope. Songs like “Blessings” (by Laura Story), “The Hurt & The Healer” (by MercyMe), and “Not Right Now” (by Jason Gray). It is still not easy – I go to the cemetery and cry at the overwhelming loss I feel. But I don’t go alone – I take my phone with me and just listen to a playlist of songs I have found through WAY-FM. It is a sad, lonely time, but it also offers me a little bit of peace; peace that other people have been in similar situations but were able to survive – by the grace of God. I am so grateful for the music you play as well as the chance to laugh again. The very first time I really laughed since January was listening to the Wally show!

A constant reminder of God’s love for me… I am WAY-FM

I am 18 years old and attend Murray State University.  I am majoring in Special Education. WAY-FM means so much to me as trials and temptations come along with worldly desires. The message WAY-FM brings keeps me going with my faith in Christ and leaves no pondering thoughts or doubts. It is a constant reminder of God’s love for me and his plan is true and he will never leave me. No matter how hard the tests are and how alone I feel at times, I know that Jesus will always be my comforter and will never fail me. For HE makes “ALL things, work together for my good!” …thank you so much WAY-FM!

I found a lump and was destroyed… I am WAY-FM

I grew up in a Christian home, left by my parents to the care of my great grandparents. As an adult, I made mistakes, big ones. I stole, I lied, and I hurt people to avoid being hurt. I turned from God. I eventually realized I was not living the life I wanted to lead and I knew I had to have God in my life to survive, to thrive, to love and be loved. Every time I would start to draw closer to God, the devil would step in and something bad would happen, making sure I never gained the closeness with God I was so desperately seeking.

In 2013, I found a lump and was destroyed. Why me? Why could God not protect me?

When I was driving to the doctor to get the results of the biopsy, nothing would pick up on my radio. I hit scan…..and the ONLY channel that came through was WAY-FM. So I listened, and I listened, and the fear I was feeling started to lessen.

After hearing the words, “You have cancer,” I had never felt more alone in my life. As I walked back to my car by myself, I cried out to God in the parking lot.

I turned the car on and the very first song was “Praise YOU in this Storm.” I sat in stunned silence and just listened. The next song was “Overcomer.”…. I was NOT alone. God had not allowed any of the bad things to happen to me. He had never left me, I had left Him. He wanted me to praise Him no matter what was going on. I am still battling cancer; I am still struggling financially and dealing with my past mistakes.  But I am striving to be a godlier woman, to draw closer to Him, to learn His word better. I still stumble. I still fall flat, but God is always there to pick me up and let me know He is with me.

WAY-FM is such an awesome tool that God uses to help me. God is now leading my life down a different path. I am searching for a way to serve Him and help others as my career. To use my talents to bring people to Him and to glorify Him in all that I do.

In those darkest moments the Lord is working the hardest… I am WAY-FM

I was going through some very difficult moments in my life about 4 months ago, but I started listening to WAY-FM and praying to the Lord to get me through my hardships. Since then I’ve received nothing but blessings. I want others to know that even in the darkest moments of your life, don’t lose your faith.  In those darkest moments the Lord is working the hardest on bringing you out of that dark tunnel and into the light.  When we give thanks to the Lord even when we are going through difficulties in our lives and have patience it allows the opportunity for blessings to come into our lives.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s… I am WAY-FM

Several years ago I noticed that my thumb was twitching. I said something to my doctor and he recommended that we wait for the next visit in 3 months to see how things were. By the next visit my foot and hand were shaking. My doctor sent me to a Neurologist and after several tests I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I was only 50 years old. When my husband and I got in the car I just began to sob & question. Why me? I’ve already got enough health issues so why Parkinson’s? When my husband started the car the song BLESSINGS from Laura Story was on the radio. We sat in the car & both cried. God was telling us all would be ok. I’m doing well…thanks to medication. God has used my illnesses several times for HIS glory. I’m thankful for WAY-FM & the blessing of music.

I’m in a rough time in my life… I am WAY-FM

My family and I recently moved to New Orleans to plant a church.  I have been having a hard time making friends since I’m homeschooled and am experiencing major culture shock (New Orleans is way different from north Alabama).   Long story short, I’m in a rough time in my life, but listening to WAY-FM has definitely been encouraging me. The songs have been reminding me that no matter what I’m going through, God is with me and I will get through it!   Thank you WAY-FM for being such an encouragement to me during this time!

I was at a breaking point… I am WAY-FM

In September of 2012 I was diagnosed with Lupus and was at a breaking point. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I was sitting in the hospital for about 4 weeks and I couldn’t do anything but I put headphones in my ears, turned to my WAY-FM app and listened. It showed me that through the toughest times, God is still there.

I am out of money for today, but I have what I need… I am WAY-FM

I started tithing last week. I felt the Lord saying to tithe $100 but He said not to look at my checkbook, just give the $100. I was filling my car’s tank with gas and He said,  “Don’t go over $20.” It so happened that I had $50 to my name. My other expenses were $30. God is good and promises to supply our needs. Today was real proof of that. I get a check tomorrow for additional funds and just in time, too. I’m out of money for today but I have what I need.

How to fight through misery

WAY-FM has been an important part of my life for over 20 years. I have been out of work for almost a year due to two different illnesses. My husband is miserable at his current job. He was recently presented with an opportunity to return to his previous employer. I am trusting entirely in the Lord to deliver my wonderful husband of 32 years from his current employer and promote him to this new position. My husband is a wonderful, faithful man of God who is doing everything possible to hide his worry about our finances and my illnesses.

She had no pulse…She was blue

Last Sunday my 2 year old unlocked the door at my nanas and fell into the pool all within the 2 minutes it took me to throw away wrapping paper. She cried when I pulled her out but then went silent. She had no pulse. She was blue. She was gone. My mom and cousin did CPR, my grandfather called 911 and my nana and I cried out for Jesus to touch her. And he did. She opened her eyes, took a breath, got her color back and said ” I ok”. Her vitals were perfect and she had NO WATER IN HER LUNGS. Now I feel a strong need to tell everyone that the Lord is still performing miracles. He is so good.