“Thank You for Bringing Jesus and Joy to My life!”

Thanks to friends like you, Nichola* finds hope for each day.

Working on the front lines of healthcare has never been an easy ride. But then COVID-19 hit and took things to a whole new level.

Nichola knows what that feels like.

“I’m a nurse in an ER, and the last year has been tough,” she says. “There’s a lot of cynicism… in this world, and sometimes it’s hard to overcome the desire to just fall in line with that.”

But that’s where you’ve stepped in and made such a difference. Through the encouraging music and honest conversation you make possible on WayFM, Nichola’s found new strength and hope for each day.

“Listening to WayFM before and after work… has made a huge difference in my life when there’s so much negativity around me everywhere else!”

What a beautiful thing! Through your support, Nichola knows the peace and presence of God each and every day. And that’s what keeps her going, even when things are so tough.

So Nichola’s closing words are for you…

“Thank you for bringing Jesus and joy to my life when I need it the most!”

And thank you for your support which God used to help Nichola when she needed it most!

*Representative name and image used.

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