The Beehive – A Believer’s Story

The workplace can be a place where we can feel accomplishment, success, and part of a team. But it can also promote stress, anxiety, or even low self esteem when deadlines are not met, friction among co-workers exists, or budget constraints demand long hours. Add to the mix, a maze of cubicles, 50 people talking at the same time, and constant movement and you have what I affectionately call “the beehive”! Bringing peace and balance in my “beehive” was a challenge until I decided to listen to WAY-FM. All day, every day, lip synching the words to each song I know, rockin’ to the beat in my desk chair and laughing when Wally says something ridiculous to make me laugh. I’m smiling because my peace is restored and is a constant reminder that God is right there in “the beehive” with me.

My co-workers started one by one to tap me on the shoulder to ask me what I’m listening to because they see me smiling and dancing in my chair. I tell them, WAY-FM, contemporary Christian music and at that moment, share my ear bud so they can listen in. I tell them it keeps me sane and happy every day at work.

Thank you WAY-FM for making my work place a better part of my day and the opportunity to share God’s message to my co-workers.

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