Why I’m Thankful at a Time Like This


By Wally, The Wally Show

When I think of COVID-19, one word that comes to mind is thankful!

I know that might seem odd in the face of all the fear and uncertainty associated with this disease. However, for me I’m truly thankful. I’m thankful my family and I have been spared the very real hardship associated with this virus that has affected so many people.

Sure, we had trouble getting toilet paper at first, but if that’s your worst problem, you’re doing pretty well.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to continue coming into work every day and do something that matters with my friends Bekah, Betty, and Gavin. We’ve purposely decided to continue being a place of hope for people who might feel hopeless. We use a combination of music, humor, and heart, and the thing I’m really encouraged by is that it’s working!

We hear stories from people every day who are genuinely thankful that your WayFM is there for them:

“WayFM has helped me every day!” —Joanne“You guys are positive, and you keep it real without preaching at me.” —Josh

“I lost my best friend. She was murdered, and I was angry at God, but I kept you guys on and it was kind of that beacon and that voice of hope. I was able to find some joy and even laughter with you guys on the morning show. It would remind me of the way [my friend] Jess used to make me laugh!”—Candace

“You love everybody. So, you are our station. I don’t know how we found you, but we are glad we did.” —Nicole

I’m thankful God allows you and me to play some small role in the hearts He’s reaching out to and comforting. I’m thankful for all the people behind the scenes of the ministry of WayFM, like you, who are committed to helping people.

Lastly, I’m thankful for our thermometer at work that provided one of my favorite funny moments during the coronavirus.

I was taking Betty’s temperature for her and she asked, “What’s it say?” It was almost as if this inanimate thermometer suddenly understood great comedy and said… LO!

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