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Life’s “Up’s and Down’s” with Annie F. Downs

Ever wonder what the “F” in Annie F. Downs stands for?  Well, so did I.  Turns out Annie is a bit of an online enigma when it comes to her personal life and I had to find out why.  So this is Annie F. Downs, unfiltered.  OK, that sounds way more salacious than it really is, but she is super interesting, open and I think we might have become best friends!   We also talked… … Continue reading

If You Had a Hard Year, Here’s How to Hope Again in 2018

Author Annie F. Downs loves to inspire others to be brave through her books “100 Days to Brave” and “Let’s All Be Brave.” But she has dealt with struggles of her own to hold out hope even when God has not given her what she hoped He would.       Don’t miss Joy’s whole interview with Annie where they tackle how to be brave on social media, with no makeup, and even through deepening… … Continue reading