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I Survived a Week Without Pasta

I am thrilled to say that I’ve officially reached the halfway mark of the “Bekah Try-It Diet!” I’ve stuck to it with no minimal complaints, and I’m genuinely feeling better because of it. At the beginning of my Paleo diet for week #2, I had no idea that I’d be in such good company! When I wrote about my plans for eating paleo for a week, I was flooded with the best recipes and tips from those brave… … Continue reading

No One Loves a Paleo Party (Because There’s No Cake)

The first time a friend told me she had gotten a “paleo cronut,” I thought she was learning Italian. Flash forward a few years, and it feels like half of my Instagram is filled with “Try this Paleo recipe!” and “I did Whole30, and it felt great!” If you’re like me, it probably all makes your head spin. Before now, I had no idea what any of those words meant. Even though I was happy… … Continue reading

What Dieting Is Teaching Me About My Mental Health

Week 1 of the “Bekah Try-It Diet” is officially coming to a close, and good news: I survived it! The first 3 days were an honest struggle as I soldiered on in the “Flat Belly Diet.” I was starting to regret this entire process, and I had to motivate myself to finish the “sassy water”* that the beginning of the food plan required. *Sassy water is water infused with lemon, cucumber, ginger, and mint. It’s meant to… … Continue reading

What Did I Get Myself Into!?

Ugh. Dieting. Am I right? It comes with so many tough questions. What’s the best diet? What’s the easiest diet? How do I stay motivated in a world where cheeseburgers and ice cream exist? Well, this month, I’m setting out to try to answer some of those questions. Introducing the “Bekah Try-It Diet” In the name of science entertainment, I’ll be testing out a different “fad” diet every week for the entire month of April. I’ll… … Continue reading

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed by the Poverty in the World?

David had a sponsor before who unfortunately dropped him. We were talking to David about what it would mean to him to have a sponsor again someday and we asked him, “What would you tell your sponsor?” Bekah from The Wally Show tells this story of meeting a little boy in Ghana named David who changed her perspective on poverty.   He said, “I would tell my sponsor to take care of me until I… … Continue reading

Bekah gets a massive makeover

Bekah has been wanting to make a change to her appearance but isn’t sure what to do. Being the great friends we are, we all pitched in with some suggestions. Which should she go with? Baggage Bekah Goth Bekah Cher Bekah Dolly Bekah Pharrell Bekah  Clown Bekah     … Continue reading

The Most Surprising Game of “Would You Rather” We’ve Ever Played

I’ve always hated the “Would you Rather” game. Usually both choices you’re given are less than desirable, and you’re stuck trying to weigh your hypothetical options. Would you rather: have purple skin or green hair? Would you rather: have a loud neighbor or a rude coworker? Would you rather: drink contaminated water or pool water? I wish that last one were hypothetical, but it’s the daily choice for the people of Numappolo. Fewer than 1%… … Continue reading

Find Out What a Beautiful Day Looks Like

We have a sign in our house that says, “Today is a Beautiful Day.” It’s simple, but it’s a good reminder for the days I stress about the things that don’t matter. Today is a gift from God. Today is a beautiful day. For one village in Zambia, today truly is a beautiful day. They just received a brand new well that will provide clean water for years to come, and we had the honor… … Continue reading

Worst interview questions ever asked

Wally came across a list of the worst questions asked in job interviews. It turns out they’re great questions for putting Bekah and Betty Rock on the spot. At around the 7 minute mark, you may have heard Betty shoot Wally with her cat gun. She hit him right in the eye, which had to be a fluke. We gave her 3 chances to try again and prove it wasn’t.   … Continue reading

Bekah wants to steal Taylor Swift’s hair

UPDATE: By popular demand, Bekah went through with her hair change. What do you think? Bekah said she wanted to get the new Taylor Swift haircut. I told her I wasn’t sure it worked for her, so Zach made this mockup. What do you think, should she go for it? … Continue reading