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Watch One 5 Minute Video and Understand the Whole Bible Better

We know God has a plan, but does anyone else have a hard time seeing it? If you’re struggling to trust God right now, you should check out one of my favorite videos from The Bible Project. Their videos are absolutely stunning and keep my attention every time. This one starts with several Bible stories you know – Adam and Eve, Abraham, the end times… but then it shows you how they all fit together… … Continue reading

Did You Know the Word “Dung” is in the Bible?

I started a new ritual at the beginning of this year. I now put on some headphones each day and listen to the audio Bible, during my morning jog. This was sort of a New Year’s resolution, and I am so glad I started it, because, even though I have read through the Bible several years ago, I am hearing verses and things found in the Bible that I never remember hearing before. Like today…… … Continue reading