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Seeing Your Body as Good with Jennifer Taylor Wagner

When Jennifer Taylor Wagner finally reached her weight loss goal, she discovered something was wrong. She still felt discontent with her body. That discovery caused her to look inward and realize that so much about her body image had nothing to do with her actual weight, size, or health. Jennifer realized the external changes are not what make someone feel comfortable in their body. She now shares the process of renewing our mind in the… … Continue reading

3 Steps to Start Loving Your Body

“Ugh, you are so fat, I bet everyone notices. Her arms are so much more toned than yours, why don’t you go to the gym more? Your thighs are disgusting!” If I heard someone say any of these things to someone else, then I would be furious and demand that they apologize. Yet, these are things that have crossed my mind daily! We are SO HARD on ourselves! I was reading this article called “4 Truths to Remember… … Continue reading